MDF, Chip, Pellet and OSB Mills For Sale

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MDF Line #1

MDF Line #1

  • WIW multi-opening MDF line
  • WIW press 16 opening 4' x 24' hot oil hearted with position control
  • Form line with 2 prepresses
  • New Allen-Bradley PLC & HMI control system with encoders
  • 54" Refiner and Digester
  • 5' wide Sanding, Sawing and Stacking line, 2 sanders course/fine
MDF Line #2

MDF Line #2

  • Mende Roll press 8' wide 10' diameter hot oil heated roll
  • 3 heated rolls at 3' diameter, with drive and belt tension rolls
  • Thin board has ran at 110 ft/min
  • Form line with density scanner
  • Dryer, pneumatic cleanup, RTO
  • GE drives, PLC & HMI control
  • Sawing and stacking line
200 Ton/Hr Chip Mill

200 Ton/Hr Chip Mill

  • 200 ton/hour whole log chipping line for pulp paper and biomass feedstock
  • Price includes complete mill in operation
  • Site located in SE Alabama on a 14 acre leased site with rail spur
  • Mill is available on present site or can be relocated
Whole Log Chip Mill

Whole Log Chip Mill

  • 1,400,000 Tons/year whole log chipping line for pulp paper and biomass feedstock
  • All machines are new
  • Price for New Whole Log Chip Mill: $16,500,000.00 US
  • Adder for Radial crane loading: $1,900,000.00
250,000 Ton/Yr Pellet Mill

250,000 Ton/Yr Pellet Mill

  • Complete pellet mill for white pellets, capacity at 250,000 ton/yr
  • Price includes complete chip mill and pellet mill in operation
  • All machines are new
  • Price for New Pellet Mill: $46,100,000.00 US
OSB Mill

OSB Wood or

AG Strawboard Line

  • 8-opening press 4' x 8' hot oil heated
  • Gas fired oil heater
  • Loader and unloading system
  • Resin system, 3 Formers, forming line, Prepress, reject system
  • Caul screen system, 4-bins, 1-drum screens, 2-blenders
  • Edge trimming 4' x 8' w/strapping
  • Wet bin, Dryers and cyclones
  • Mill can be relocated and is still on foundation
OSB Wood or AG Strawboard Line

OSB Mill

  • Mill capacity 300 Cubic meter/year with 8' x 24' 12 opening press thermal oil heated, caul screen forming system
  • 2 ring debarkers 2-CAE stranders
  • 3- drum dryers, 3- green bins, dry fuel prep system & burner
  • 3- rotary screens, 2- dry bins, 2- coil liquid blenders
  • Schenck 4 head Forming, Flexoplan steel mesh cauls
  • Globe finishing line 4' x 8' w/ auto-strapping
  • 40MM Btu/hr wood fired, thermal oil heating system gas backup
  • Dryers and cyclone with EFB for particulate control